Possibly the best thing that happens to the Big Apple ….

NYC crime spree knocks on the doorsteps of America’s ultra-rich

New York City’s Upper East Side is seeing a ‘significant uptick’ in robberies, police say


Now when the scarps are on the other foot, and they do not like how they fit.

Listen up fools. I am elated that the stupidity of the city leaders is coming back to bite them in the ass. You can not have it BOOF ways. Either you have a capable police department that WILL control law and order, or suffer the consequences with what is happening to NY and the other cities that are shit canning their cops.

I have said may time in all of my 7,000 posts. The guys on Knob Hill could care less about the common guy. They get in their limo every-night, pull down the blinds, drive right past the ghetto and never look out, then go to the mansion in the sky.

BUTT now, it seems that there has been a significant rise in the crime rate where they shack-up and hang their hats and they don’t like it.

A portion of New York City’s Upper East Side, which reportedly boasts residents such as billionaire Glenn Dubin and hedge funder John Paulson, has been riddled with a recent uptick in crime, including a weekend gunpoint robbery spree, police said.

MFHBFT; maybe they should donate some of the billions they made on the Americans ass and support the country that made them wealthy. I have always maintained; until it happens to them, they are blind as a bat.

I saw an interview with a NY policeman about a month ago. He said; if they were allowed to use the tactics they were taught in the police academy, and given the green-light to put an end to this chaos, they could squelch this riot in matter of days.

All I can say to all of the rich bitches (female and male) that supported the defunding of the cops;


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