We’ll show that punk Mr Corona who has bigger balls or something else …

South Dakota’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally expecting to draw 250K, amid coronavirus concerns


We are too tough – we are bikers – we are bullet proof; may I add, anyone that would attend a function like this, under the circumstances is a fool.

For the most part, the biggest concern when people expose themselves to precarious/unhealthy situations like COVID-19, is not putting themselves in danger I am concerned about, obviously they do not give a shit about themselves. It is the others they are putting a risk they come in contact with after the fact. That is where the word fool comes in. If the bikers do not have any regard for their own health, they should consider their family and friends.

The city streets of Sturgis are lined with motorcycles days before the official kickoff of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, S.D on Aug 1, 2014. (AP Photo/Toby Brusseau, File)

250,000 fools, are putting everyone they come in contact with, after the fact, in danger, just to get their PIPES OFF. Their significant others – kids – parents – grandparents and every stranger they come across.

Let be hypothetical and stretch the possibilities a little, that is not impossible. If each one of these people give COVID 19 to 10 people, they will have infected 2,500,000 people. Not a bad price to pay for some fun in the sun. Add on the people that the 2.5 million will possibly infect. Situations like this is why the USA can’t kick Mr Corona’s ass out of the house.

The fools in this country that do not play by the rules have no one BUTT themselves to blame for this continued nightmare.

What does it take to get the message across to some people??

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