Gotta put Charlie and his clan in a wooden box and nail it shut ….

Some illegally mailed mystery seeds from China identified: USDA

Based on past experiences and their deadly performance with Mr Corona; ALL imports from China should be banned for the duration.

I know we are talking about political and social camaraderie and big bucks; BUTT if they kill everyone in the USA with their poisonous merchandise, who will there be left keep the torches lit??

Charlie and his crew have been nipping away at the USA for years and PTD is the only president that has had the balls to tell them TGTAFH. These longtime marriages need to get a divorce lawyer and cut the ties.

Many years ago I used to say in jest; all of the Chinese restaurants in this country were on a clandestine mission to knock of the all American people. They are such good cooks, we really can not be sure of what we are eating. They can make raccoon tasted like a Kobe steak.

Years ago when I was in Okinawa, quite a few places were shut down for serving cat and dog meat. Hell, it tasted OK to me. I guess, after three bottles Sake, anything would taste good.

Nihonshu” Now : Behind the Global Sake Renaissance |

All in fun; I know many fine, upstanding Chinese people as well as many Far Eastern people that have been a credit as citizens to this country. I say mostly all the people around the world are good, it is their governments that AFU.

Haven’t the Chinese government proven by their actions; try to sabotage, pirate, high-jack, and steal their way into and overtake the USA’s homeland for decades??

For many years, some of the USA’s leaders were supplying Charlie and his crew with the baseball bats and allowing their own people to be financially beaten. That has to change: and now is perfect time. We need to get rid of Charlie and Mr Corona for good.

If we don’t know, we should. For years, intertwined in these transaction; there has been a lot of money/Yen changing hands, that is why so many (so called Americans) do not want to see the cord cut between the two countries.

I know for certain, the USA can be self-sufficient and does not need any other country to make it on our own.

First we need to get rid of the far lefters, the rioters, the gangs, the terrorists that are plaguing this country and next comes our foreign enemies that are trying to put the boots to us.

Chinese Dining Etiquette | The China Culture Corner

Hold the MSG!!

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