And we wonder why ….

Boston Marathon bombing survivors react after convict’s death sentence overturned: ‘He needs to die’

Some of the survivors of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing — that left three people dead and hundreds more injured — wasted little time Friday reacting to news that a federal appeals court had overturned convicted killer Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s death sentence.

One of the many reasons the scumbags love to commit crimes in this country; it is loaded with bleeding hearts in the judicial system and public that reward them instead of punishing them. .

What are the crime deterrence if the criminal knows, the most severe penalty they can get for committing their crimes is; 3 meals a day – air condition living quarters – workout facilities – libraries so the can study up on how to bust balls in the legal system with appeals – reunited with family member and homies; PLUSSSS many of the prison facilities approve of conjugal visits. What the hell am I missing??

Conjugal Visits: Their Dark Origins And Troubling Future In America

Take note of the frig and stove. If the lady knows how to cook, she can even whip up her honey his special vittles.

Are hot dogs sandwiches? Oscar Mayer says 'yes,' enrages Internet ...

Why bother having a trial in the first place; when after the fact some bleeding hearted judge over turns what the jury recommended.

Just I disagree with commutations and pardons, I do not agree with judges alerting death sentences. Especially with DNA evidence; where it is virtually impossible to have a false conviction.

Haslet, 40, a dancer who lost a leg in the attack, was one of 17 people left without at least one limb as a result of blasts set off by bombs that Tsarnaev and his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, planted as a crowd gathered near the finish line one of America’s most famous running events.

Remember the prick terrorists giving the finger to the world; well he just did it again with the help of some idiot judges.

Tsarnaev trial: The middle finger seen 'round the world - CNN

This is what one of the victim had to say about the decision and the scumbag.

The three judges who issued the decision were: Juan Torruella, a Reagan appointee who dissented in part; Rogeriee Thompson, an Obama appointee who wrote the opinion; and William Kayatta, who is also an Obama appointee.

That figures!!!

I can’t help but wonder; if the victim/victims were one of the judges family members, their mother, sister, kids, would the idiots be still as ignorant and conciliatory?? Hard to tell. Is it compassion or stupidity?? I will chose door # 2.

Again: Why bother having a trial in the first place; when some bleeding hearted judge over turns what the jury recommended.

New slogan/invitation from the justice system in the USA:


Come one, come all, from here and abroad; kill and pillage whomever you want. We will house you and feed you for the rest of your life. Remember, Ma Ma is invited for the night a couple times a month. Just got in some new appliances and a king size bed w/vibrator and installed mirrors on the ceiling.


The judges in this case are disgraceful and a mockery of justice for the victims.

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