TMC is coming out of hiding……

Obama warns that Trump’s actions threaten US democracy

I said this many times. TMC has been hiding in the background, trying to keep a low profile ever since his lady friend CHC got her ass kick in the election.

Her DE-FEET was a bigger slap in the face.insult to TMC than it was her. She used TMC and his reputation as a credit reference trying to getelected and got shut down at the pay window, making TMC look like a fool and bad paper.

Ever since TMC has been trying to get even. He has been sharpening his ax waiting for the perfect opportunity to lamblaste PDT. Yesterday at John Lewis’s wake, TMC did the tarantella on PDT’s golden wavy hair.

TMC went on for 40 minutes on how PDT is a threat to the democracy of this country. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black.


# 1: We can see by what is happening with the riots, peace and harmony is the last thing the democrats want. They are willing and perpetuating these riots, having no concern for life or property of the citizens of this country just to get even with Trump. The more upheaval we see now, the worse it makes Trump look before the election. These fools should not be considered, friends of the people.

# 2: TMC had 8 years to advance his people and came away flat on his face.

There is no doubt, the man has a golden tongue and is one of the best bullshitters to come down the pike in many years. He knows when the time is right, when people are most vulnerable, desperate and at their weakest moments; then he comes in with all of his ammo and starts firing away.

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Yesterday in his speech; he did the same thing he did in 2008 when he was running for office. He sweet-talked and bull-shitted the hell out of the people. I have to give him credit; to the right audience, he is very convincing!!

It is all here in black and white – or is it white and black?? These statements are not something I imagined or my opinion, they are facts documented on the failures of TMC while he was in office.

One GREATS example of hypocrisy. All the while TMC is bad mouthing the wealthy in this country, he goes out and buys a 11.75 million crib.

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When Obama got elected he was worth 1.3 million. Today, he is worth upwards of 70 million dollar$. Not bad for a guy that looks down on the wealthy.

TMC is exactly like the HIGH ROLLING HOLY ROLLERS that have bull-shitted their way to financial success, many times off of the back of very poor, gullible, impressionable followers.

I am not suggesting the man lives in poverty, I am saying, if he shacks up in a glass mansion, he should not flaunt it or bad rap others like him.

Hopefully there are a lot of people out there that see through his smoke screen and see him for what he is.

He and many of his cronies are the people that are spearheading the Political Ponzi Scheme I am always referring to. In the end game, only the people on the top are the winners.

How Obama Failed Black Americans – The Atlantic 22, 2016 · How Barack Obama Failed Black Americans. … This article is part of a series of responses to Ta-Nehisi Coates’s story “My President Was Black.” You

Author: William A. Darity Jr.

Obama’s Failed Black Legacy | Newsmax.com 17, 2017 · Blacks apparently share the view that Obama has not done enough for the black community. An August Gallup poll found that a majority of blacks, 52 percent, believed that Obama had not gone far enough to help them — up from 20 percent during the 2008 campaign and 32 percent his first year in office.

Author: Clarence Mckee

Why Obama’s presidency didn’t lead to black 17, 2017 · Since the 1960s, black leaders have placed a heavy emphasis on gaining political power, and Barack Obama’s presidency represented the apex of …

Did Obama Fail Black America? – POLITICO Magazine…Obama’s disappointing legacy for black America. This is not to say the president has done nothing. The Obama administration played a key role in persuading Congress to pass the Fair Sentencing …

Is TMC accurate on some of his observations about PDT?? Hell yes he is. BUTT the fact still remains; as bad as Trump is in many areas, J J (Jokin Joe) makes him look like an altar boy.

We all have to remember one thing. What we see going on in this country is way past settling the score over the intentional/unfortunate death of some black people. Just like the socialists, the democrats are willing to see this country completely fall into ruins just to get Trump out of office. Talk about sacrificial lambs.

TMC has been the captain of a ship who is steering the ship while below decks, keeping out of sight. He keeps out barking out signals and commands laying out the ships course, but is trying to stay out of site. That is going to change. From here on in, I think he will become more visible.

I have said it all along. Because of his fabrications, egotistical, narcissistic personality, his inability to take recommendation from experts in their fields, sad to say, PDT is his own worst enemy. But far worse than him are the people that are willing to destroy this country just for the sake of defeating him and getting even.

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