It appears PDT just can not help himself ….

For the sake of his own credibility and saving face; I wish PDT would not draw straws out of the air and come up with statistics and answers to questions he knows nothing about, that are incorrect. He did it again yesterday.

He went on and on with how well the USA has and is handling COVID – 19; absolutely contrary to all the expert reports out there. Much of what he expounded on had little significance.

Many of the states he claimed were kicking Mr Corona’s ass are some the the states that are effected the most.

States with the highest number of COVID-19 cases

  1. California – 458,121 cases
  2. Florida – 432,747 cases
  3. New York – 412,344 cases
  4. Texas – 400,336 cases
  5. New Jersey – 179,812 cases
  6. Illinois – 173,894 cases
  7. Georgia – 170,843 cases
  8. Arizona – 163,827 cases
  9. Massachusetts – 115,926 cases
  10. North Carolina – 114,916 cases

Where the hell does he get his information. Are people on his staff conspiring against him and playing for the other team?? It makes me very sad to see THE MAN self-destructing with every incorrect piece of information he spouts out.

Just like his obsession with Tweety Bird. So is all the inaccurate information he comes up with that is not doing him any good.

Tweety Bird in a cage | Bird in a cage, Tweety, Cat character

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