Why bother????

New York mobsters sentenced to life in prison for murder


A trio of reputed New York mobsters — including one who was accused of plotting to break out of jail by losing weight — were sentenced to life in prison Monday for carrying out a Bronx hit in 2013.

A slimmed-down Christopher Londonio, Matthew Madonna and Terrence Caldwell were all given life in federal court in White Plains for the slaying of former Purple Gang leader Michael Meldish in Throggs Neck in 2013.

How much time and money did it cost the government to put these guys behind bars??

New York mobsters sentenced to life in prison for murder: report

Seven years and 100’s of thousand’s of dollar$ chasing 3 killer that killed another killer. Does that make any sense to me?? Hell no. I say let them all, the gang-bangers , thugs, mobsters with a vendetta, have at it.

Round them all up, put them in a fenced in area – give them all the wine – razor blades and guns they want; in two weeks the scourges of society will exterminate one another; investigation, nothing.

It is a huge waste of taxpayers money investigating and trying to convict these people. They live by the stiletto and loved their lifestyle, they should die by the stiletto.

Convicting people like this is no big thing to them. When they get sent-up, half of their family and 3/4 of their compari are there. It is a badge of honor and old home week to them.

Don’t we think that cops time could be put to better use than chasing killer that kill killers, like doing some PR work in the community??

I reality, if and when the killers exterminated one another, they are doing society a favor. Why punish them.

The ONLY downside to their shooting spree, many innocent people get killed in the crossfire. Other than that: I say;

Buona salute – provaci ragazzi

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