Enough is enough already ….

Sports agent blasts Mike Ditka over national anthem comments: ‘Racism hiding behind faux patriotism is still racism’

Now if a person does not want to capitulate/surrender/follow their own beliefs, they are considered racists. GMAFB.

The same fools that throw stones or roll boulders at the ERECT PEOPLE, are the ones that believe that looting- killing – burning – destroying property – beating innocent people – disrespecting the flag that some many people fought and died for, is nothing but child’s play.

I have no idea where this horrendous scenario is going to end, but it doesn’t look like anytime soon and is going to continue to be very ugly.

Mike Ditka is an old school American like I am and believes in respecting the flag and what it stands for. Have there been atrocities through the years that would cause people to rebel?? Absolutely yes, but not in the manner and extremes as we are witnessing today.

The legitimate demonstrators are not the problem, it is the IMPORTED terrorists that are the cause of mass destruction. They are being funded by some very wealthy anti-Americans that want to take over the country and have found what they consider a good opportunity to exact their evilness. These demonstration/rioters have gone way beyond freedom of expression. Their actions are despicable and deplorable.

Sad to say; a very significant part of the riots have been contrived to keep PDT out of office in 2021.

Talk about the evil people behind the movement. They are willing to see innocent people killed – cities destroyed – incalculable damage to this country, all because they HATE Trump.

These riots have gone long past justice and racial equality. Except for a few rotten apples in the police department, before the CHOKE HOLD incident, it looking like the country was coming together.

This was the perfect time and the perfect storm for the Anti-Americans to do their thing and put the blame on the black community. I would hope that the good black people in this country, sees their evil motivations and separates themselves from the. The monsters are creating the havoc and the good black people are getting the blame.

Support Trump folks. Is he perfect?? Very far from it. BUTT when you weigh J J Joking Joe’s qualifications and history as a politician fro the last 40 plus years against PDT, I think the choice is simple. Just think what PDT could have a accomplishes if her had the support he needed.

Stop and listen to Ditka.

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