Will it turn ugly??

Black armed militia planning Louisville march claims it’s ‘Not Fucking Around’


What is NFAC and does it really want Texas as a 'Black ethnostate ...

Grand Master Jay, head of the “Not fucking Around Coalition,” refers to the U.S. Constitution when talking about his Black armed militia group, which plans to march in Louisville, Ky., on Saturday.

“Once it gets to that point where it looks like the government is non-responsive to the will of the people, the Constitution says to the form of a militia to address the grievances of the people,” he told Louisville FOX affiliate WDRB-TV.

“I didn’t write it,” he says about one of America’s founding documents. “They wrote it. We just abide by it. So that’s our destination, because when it looks like the government is being indifferent to the people, the people have the right to form themselves – and arm themselves — to ask those questions.”

Lets us hope that ALL American citizens abide by The Constitution and do ask questions when necessary. It is absolutely incumbent that true justice be served for ALL Americans.

In many of these abuse cases; if the judicial system would have performed their jobs properly and fairly, bringing the rouge cops to trial for their abuses/negligence, the country would not be in the deplorable condition it is in today.

The focus of the march is an an attempt to seek justice for Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old woman who was fatally shot March 13 during a police raid in her Louisville home. I say the black community does have a case for protesting cops negligence.

In a statement, Jay is quoting the constitution. If he is quoting the constitution, he can not pick and chose.

Under Section 8 :

To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions: For Our government to bring in federal troops if necessary to restore peace.

Hopefully the demonstration will start and end peacefully, but I doubt it. Armed militant groups converging in one spot is a recipe for disaster. They are coming loaded for bear.

If this demonstration can come off peacefully, AND in the future the law-enforcement officials are held accountable for their mistake, it will show the nation it is possible for peaceful, productive protests. What other way can any race or nationality show their displeasure/dissatisfaction for the government,except by demonstrating. The key word is peaceful.

As I touched on many times before; anyone that thinks incident like this and others are going to stop completely, they are dreaming. The nation is too big and there is too much actual crime going on not to make mistakes once and awhile. The key words to future incidents is, less crime and accountability.

Let us hope that today’s demonstration goes off well, but I don’t think even Vegas will take this bet.

Roll the Dice | LCBC Church

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