Bob Woodson has it all together ……

Civil rights activist Bob Woodson: Low-income Blacks being ‘bamboozled and hustled and scammed’ by Democrats

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I would say the Mr. Woodson is one of the few influential black leaders that has his eyes wide open. He can see that there are devious people in this country that think nothing of taking advantage of the low income black community, financially and through deception. The people that partake in those kind of scams are charlatans and parasites.

Starting with the very wealthy preachers that keep their flock fired up so keep dropping the dead presidents in the collection basket, to the hustler politicians that continually tell the black community how bad they have it, BUTT never take any decisive actions to help them out of the bottomless pit.

On the very top of that list of SHAME is TMC (Obama) who had 8 years to help his people through EDUCATION, but was only interested in his personal gains/agenda. Next is Albert Sharpless – Jesse Jackson and the rest of the hustlers. Too many to name.

One great example:

It is a very sad case the little regard some of the big- time hustlers have for their own people. They live on top of Nob Hill, living large, never missing a meal, looking down at the little people and laughing at them; all the while pounding in their heads how bad they have it so they keep donating to their greedy causes. People in despair are very vulnerable and easy to manipulate and the hustlers take big time advantage of their weakness.

I would have more respect if the hustlers were robbing banks instead of stealing from destitute people, using their silver tongues as their weapons.

Is PDT perfect?? FARRRR from it; but one thing can be said about The Man. It may not appear to be that way all the time, he is a peoples president. He just has some peculiarities and many times a very poor way of communicating.

Whenever we have to make a serious choice in our lives; the most important thing we have to remember; what is our alternative. If everyone uses that method of decision making, I think the world would be a lot better off.

Joe Biden: You cannot go to a 7/11 or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you ...
Which one is my wife??

What is to be said about a person that will ignore the lack of QUALIFICATION of a person in choosing a running mate for such an important position, just for the vote??

I am hoping that will never come to fruition, BUTT if it does, J J better have eyes in the back of his head and have his insurance paid up.


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The way I see it; the choice should be a forgone conclusion.

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