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It is about time that the United States start taking a few chapters out of the Playbook from the UK and install security cameras in high crime areas and beyond.

In England there are more than six million cameras that play a very significant role in capturing criminals in action and all other activities in of course of a day.

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It’s been several years since monumental riots rocked London with the savage bastards looting the stores, burning cars, breaking windows, beating up innocent people. Yes, like in the USA. Years after the riots, with invaluable aid of the cameras, the authorities are still looking at videos, identifying the perpetrators, and arresting the people that were involved.

IF, that is a big IF, the authorities in the USA can be smart enough to learn by other people’s successes and mistakes, that will eliminate huge crime activity in the future. BUTT in my opinion, the American people are too ignorant and stubborn to see the value in being proactive.

Good example of poor decision making and procrastinating of the politicians; it took 4 years for the dumb-o-crats to come up with a suitable candidate for The Big Chair and look who they put their money on. None other than J J – major problem being, most of the time, J J can’t remember he is running for office.

We are going to have the elements that claim the cameras are infringing on their privacy. They are probably right, but if they have nothing to hide, what should be their objection??

These are changing time and we have to stay ahead of the curve and be proactive in all sectors if we do not want to be gobbled up. Mr Corona is a good example of not being prepared.

The cameras in the UK have played a very significant role in controlling crime and capturing criminals long after the crimes were committed. They can do the same here.

It will take 100’s of million dollars and several years to put the cameras in place, but what better use of government funds than to protect our citizens.

If the dumb-o-crats would have put the Witch Hunt money they pissed away into placing cameras, this country now would be much safer. › Crime, justice and law › Crime prevention

Jan 19, 2015 – The reason for its use also varies from public safety, deterring crime, traffic management and crowd control but to name a few. More often than not systems are used in the same areas independently of each other, covering the same space, using different networks or fiber and for the same purpose.

9 Huge Benefits of CCTV Cameras | › 9-features-of-cctv-cameras

May 14, 2018 – The Benefits & Advantages of CCTV Camera Systems. … are one of the most widely-deployed and beneficial security components in the UK.

I say the pluses outweigh the minuses. This is a new day and a new age where going outside of the box is the absolute importance to maintain civility within our communities.

A good example of where cameras would be a great benefit are in the rioting that is now plaguing the USA. Putting a face to these monsters would be of monumental importance getting them to justice.

The criminals that have perpetrated these crimes must go to jail; if not they are only getting a pass to re-offend from the permissive/pathetic authorities.

England has one of the highest concentration of gangs in the world that are constantly breaking the law. It would be virtually impossible to control them without cameras.

How London became a test case for using facial recognition in ...

The way I see it; having cameras in select places is as or more important than trying to control the illegals from entering the country. The criminals are already here exacting their destructive behavior with impunity.

WISE people learn from others mistakes and experiences. I guess WISE is the key word.

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