Not on the same playing field ……

Should all black people be judged by what the criminal element in their community does??? Absolutely not. 15% of the population – 51% of the people in prison.

If that is a fair statement/observation; tell me why in the hell do many in the black community judge all cops and white men as they do. Fairness does not seem to be in their vocabulary.

I really do not believe that the average, hard working, stand-up decent black citizen truly has the same hateful, destructive mentality as the as some of their militant population.

It is the media, the far lefters, the rioters and the liberal government that keeps the fires stoked.

How can anyone like the mayor of Seattle justify what the rioters did to Seattle and are now doing to other cities, and not label it as rioting?? As a matter of fact, she is in bed with them.

Democratic mayors align with rioters and looters against ……

Jul 23, 2020 · On June 11, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (a former United States attorney no less) quipped that an “autonomous zone” (known as CHAZ or CHOP and occupied by anarchists) had a “block party atmosphere”...

If the media was more impartial with their reporting and did not always try to make the fire of racism rage on, this condition would not exist.

How much more can be said about the dark-side to the power of the press.

When this THING completely falls apart and destroys the entire country; let us see who is going to take the rap.

When there are scumbags like this creep allowed to roam freely and incite fools like himself; they are a big part of today’s problem.

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