They are going to try their very best to lynch PDT ….

Trump claims not to be following Maxwell case despite long ties to Epstein

From left, Melania Knauss (later Melania Trump), Donald Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell pose together during the Anand Jon Fashion Show, New York, September 2000.

Does anyone have any idea how many people want to and do have have their picture taken with a celebrity?? Millions. Does that put them in bed with them or make them connected in anyway??

I have attended at few social functions where some well know figures were present. I did have my picture taken with them, BUTT that does not mean I crawled in the rack with them that night.

The lefters are going to do anything they can to discredit Trump before the election, including having been involved with Epenburger and his low-life-female-degenerate pimp Ghislaine Maxwell.

When Epenburger was initially exposed, Trump admitted that he knew the slime-bag child-rapist but that was the extent of it. Most of all was never involved with him or made trips to his sex-island like Wild Bill Clinton did and, but still denies it. The man lies like a Persian rug.

Bill Clinton ‘knows nothing’ about Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged … › news › politics › 2019/07/08 › bi…

Jul 8, 2019 – WASHINGTON – A spokesman for former President Bill Clinton said … has said Trump had ” ‘no relationship’ ” with Epstein, the Washington 


Does anyone remember:

So much for Wild Willie’s credibility. Neither did Prince Andrew.

Image result for prince andrew and epstein
Image result for prince andrew and epstein

Prince Andrew and Epstein have been friends for a while, and, according to court documents, Epstein allegedly forced a teenage girl to have sex with him on three separate occasions, including during what she described as an orgy with other underage girls.

If that can of worms can ever be cracked open about the REALITY and the TRUTH of the Clinton’s life, the book would absolutely outsell the A Tale of Two Cities.

BUTTTT, they will keep digging and prodding hoping to come up with some dirt on the President. You gotta give it to them, the bitches are relentless. They should all, including Nasty Nan, work as hard for the people of this country as they do trying to lynch Trump.

They are worthless and despicable. According to some reports, the democrats have spent upwards of 40,000,000.00$ trying to put a noose around Trump’s neck and have come away with air. For the sake of argument, let us say it was 20,000,000.00$. That is 20,000,000.00 too much.

The only down side to Trump being reelected; this bull-shit style of politics from the other-side will never end. I would think by now, the sons-a-bitches would have worn themselves out.


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