I put my $oldi on The Mick ….

Mickey Rourke Reignites Feud With Robert De Niro In Scathing Post


It looks like THE WRESTLER AND THE RAGING BULL are locking horns over a long standing feud.

It all started about 30 years ago (talk about holding a grudge) on the set of 1987’s Angel Heart. Allegedly, when arrogant Robert De Niro said to Mickey Rourke, “I think it’s better if we don’t talk.” The feud hasn’t stopped since; recently issues between them have reignited.

Pic from the Wrestler. Mickey Rourke wore dozens of prosthetics ...
Robert De Niro, 'Raging Bull' - A Method to Their Madness: Stars ...

In my opinion, Mickey is the real thing and Bobby Boy is the fugazi.

Once up a time when Rourke was on the rag and confused about which way to go, he decided to try his hand at a different occupation, so he got into boxing. He did not fair as well as he thought as a pugilist, but had a respectable record of six wins and two draws from fights between 1991 and 1994.

On the other hand, I don’t know just how tough Bobby Boy, the Trump hater really is.


I admire Mickey for his backbone and balls. I used to like De Niro until he walked out on stage, live performance and carried on like fool. That is when I lost respect for the man.

One of the things he is so proud of, is his Italian heritage.

News Flash:

DeNiro is only 1/4 Italian that barely qualifies him. That is where the fugazi comes in.


Although he is sometimes referred to as an Italian-American actor, De Niro is actually one quarter Italian in ancestry. His father was of half Italian and half Irish descent. His mother was of Dutch, English, German, French and Irish ancestry on her own father’s side, and of German ancestry on her own mother’s side.

If both men were locked in a room, I would put my money on Mickey coming out first.

A Tweet from Mickey to Bobby

A friend of mine just recently told me that a few months back you’re quoted as saying to newspapers “Mickey Rourke’s a liar he talks all kind of shit”. Listen Mr.Tough Guy in the movies, you’re the 1st person that ever called me a liar and it was in a newspaper. Let me tell you something, you punk ass, when i see you i swear to God on my Grandmother, on my brother and all my dogs,i gonna embarrass you severely 100%.

If I were DeNero, I would take the Mick seriously. He has been know to be a loose cannon from time to time.

The moral of the story is; If you do not want to buy Wolf Tickets, you better not sell them!!

Quit selling Wolf Tickets | The Goomba Gazette

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