What is a parasite????

‘The timing is right for reparations’: Cities propose reparations amid nationwide unrest


This post should not take much clarification.

What is a parasite??????


An organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense.”the parasite attaches itself to the mouths of fishes”

In human application: barnacle – leech – moocher – sponge – bloodsucker – hanger-oner -idler – leech – lounge lizard

AXE some of the sports figures what a leach/parasite is. People Like Ali – Joe Fraser – Mike Tyson

Athletes who went bankrupt | FOX Sports

http://www.foxsports.com › nfl › gallery › athletes-who-went…Oct 20, 2016 – Vince Young definitely has some company when it comes to athletes who enjoy … More on MSN:

Stars who went broke | Business icons who lost their fortunes | Newsmakers who went broke … Bing: What was the cause?Missing: anterages. ‎| Must include:

Athletes who struck it rich or went broke after their playing …www.yardbarker.com › other_sports › articles › athletes…
Jul 24, 2018 –

Considered by some to be the greatest soccer player of all time, Diego Maradona has never been a stranger to controversy. In 2009, it was …Missing: anterages. ‎| Must include:

Sports Stars Who Went Completely Broke | Critics Rantcriticsrant.com › sports-stars-who-went-completely-brokeThese sports players get so much money for their skills and talents that they don’t … But he started to deal with some financial difficulties when he encountered child … According to Vince Young’s financial advisor, he went bankrupt because he ..

One of the biggest contributes to the phenomenon of wealthy figures going broke are the parasites entourage. As soon as the money dries up; they hanger-oners are like a scene after a Chinese fire drill, there is no one to be found.

Possibly a little off the beaten path, BUTT close. If a person does not have to work for what they have; they have no respect for the money. If all of their lives they are given hand-outs, they have no respect for the money. Reparation will just add anchor to the already out of control social services dilemma that has contributed to the demise of the USA.


Plain and simple?? I can’t help BUTT wonder if the ignorant supporters of this sham would want to be held responsible if one of the family members was a rapist or a murderer?? It is as simple as that. FCC.

The supporters of this movement are very sick people, mentally.

The order requires Providence to seek the truth about the city and state’s role in slavery; promote community discussions around racial injustice and determine what policies and programs would reverse the harms of slavery and genocide.

Elorza said officials have not determined what kind of reparations the city will provide, but he’s open to ideas.

Still, Elorza said Providence can’t bear the entire burden of paying reparations to its Black residents. He called for all levels of government to join the effort.

Providence, Rhode Island, Mayor Jorge Elorza.

Officials in Asheville have also promised reparations for Black residents. Naturally; the fools in Ashville can not afford to pay out reparation, so they want other branches of the government to kick in.

Repeat; if this parasite Elorza’s uncle was a serial rapist; should Elorza be labeled a serial rapist. If he answer is positively not; why should any one be held accountable for what happened over 200 years ago. COMMON-SENSE.

It is time for these shakedown artist to get their heads out of where the sun doesn’t shine , get off of the FREE- LOADERS wagon, get a real job and earn their money the hard way. The other 4 letter word they hate is WORK!!

Talk about civil war in this country. If ANYONE pays one thin dime of reparation, there should be a civil war. Their boldness and greed is beyond belief.

It surprises me that one of these fools has not YET blamed PDT for staring slavery. They have tried every other way to discredit him, but can make anything stick to the wall.


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