Disgraceful …..

Seattle rioters seen damaging, looting stores; 2 arrests, 12 cops injured

Is this a 3rd world country or the United States of America?? A 3rd world country is what the USA has eroded into. With the help/assistance from the liberal movement in this country, the terrorists/gangs have gone completely over the top.

If the riots continue the way they have been, unimpeded, this is what this country eventually look like.

Third World vs. Developing country– Why neither term is right – HS ...

The rioters are abusing the old school values of the USA, as well as the constitution to ramrod – destroy – burn – kill – loot – vandalize everything in sight, knowing the cops have handcuffs on and are instructed not to shoot them.

I wonder what it is going to take; what tragedy has to befall this country, before the gloves come off, and the cops and the military take some decisive actions against these thugs??

The people in this country have to understand, BLM and Antifa are not good people, they are not civilized people, they are about as low on the human food chain as anyone can get. They are doing everything in the power to bring down this country.

By now; the authorities know exactly who the ring leaders are, they have singled them out of the crowd through use of video recordings. Is it going to take a few snipers on top of the roofs of buildings, taking them out one at a time?? Cut off the head and the dragon will die.

If the government is driven/forced to execute horrible retaliations tactics for the betterment of the masses, that certainly will start an all out war. They have been given every opportunity to stand down and behave in a civil manner, but refuse to. I hope and pray it will never come to that, but I do not see any other way.

For the most part, conditions like this would have already ran it’s course, but that does not seem to be the case here. The time for drastic action cannot be and should not be too far off. The longer this type on criminal activity continues, the stronger the ENEMY gets.

I wonder if the liberal fools, mayors and governors that run these cities/states can see the downside to their permissive ways?? I can not believe that any intelligent or even mentally impaired person can see the justification to all the rioting and dismiss it as child’s play.

This is the kind of mentality the country is dealing with:

‘The height of privilege’: Seattle mayor blames ‘white men …


After looting broke out across her city on Sunday night, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan tweeted that white people had co-opted “peaceful demonstrations” that became violent as the weekend wore on.

What planet does this useless bitch live on??

Photos: Scenes from Downtown Seattle as protests rage over ...

In my opinion; PDT has to come out publicly and address the situation. To date, I have not seen that happen. Although conditions are what they are and should not need to be rehashed, I think a ONE TIME public acknowledgement coming from the Commander in Chief would do a lot of PR and help to put out the fires. As of yet, to the best of my knowledge, PDT has not addressed the issue head on.

Excerpt from previous post:


To start with; President Trump must come out and address this issue head on. He must verbally recognize that through the years there have been numerous incidents, too many to count, where the cops were out of line. He has to say; he going to do everything in his power to reverse this activity and follow through with it.

In the meantime; the black community (this has to be a two way street) has to make a concerted effort to control the crime is their communities. They make up 15% of the population, But are 51% of all people incarcerated. Does that tell us something or not????

Round and round it goes, where it will stop no one knows!!

Our national bird and the respect others once had for the USA are taking a beating. Justifiably so.


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