Who can blame them . ….

State Troopers union threatens to pull officers from NYC: ‘Can’t have two sets of rules’ in one state


The officers of the law did not sign up for being used – abused – spit on – shit thrown in their face – shot at – killed, beat with ball-bats; 99% of them are good people who have families they support, that care about the welfare and safety of the citizens of this country. What are they getting in return?

Who can blame them if the metaphorically abandon ship in the midst of this chaos? I would love to see the pathetic-liberal mayors and governors who put the hand cuffs on the cops, expecting them to keep law and order, take all the abuse leveled on the cops have confronted with and not act in a ferocious manner. It is only a natural instinct.

The president of a union representing New York State troopers said Friday that New York City’s restrictions on police officers are setting the men and women on the force up for failure.

“By raising the bar and almost making it impossible for my members to safely arrest, we’ve had enough. I want them out,” New York State Troopers PBA President Thomas Mungeer told “Fox & Friends.”

“What has me alarmed is that troopers that are trained in certain tactics to arrest violent people can now be arrested for using those tactics within the five counties of New York City. Those tactics are still legal in the other 57 counties that make up New York state,” Mungeer said.

When the shit really hits the fan (if it hasn’t already); which one of these nitwit government officials will take the heat for the aftermath of their incompetence and lack of leadership?? NONE!!

Just like Cuomo putting the blame on Trump for the virus in New York.

Cuomo, facing criticism for COVID handling, blames Trump for …www.foxnews.com ›
politics › cuomo-covid-handling-bla…New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, facing fresh criticism for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic that saw his state suffer tens of thousands of deaths within …

I love dumb questions. If Cuomo has complete control over the state he represents; how can he blame anyone BUTT himself the current conditions.

The best things that politicians have going for them; they always point the finger of guilt at the other guy. It is never ever their fault.

Do I blame the cops if they walked out?? Hell no. I would hate to see it, but I would not blame them.

This imbecile deBlasio or Wilhelm, whichever he is going by today; he and the rest of the refunding fools can’t be for real. Who are they going to be calling to save their sorry ass when this monster they created turns and attack them??

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