Barking up the wrong tree or statue …


Virgin Mary Statue Set on Fire Outside Boston Church, Authorities Say

statue of the Virgin Mary was set ablaze outside a Boston church Saturday night, said police who are investigating the arson incident. Officers at 10 p.m. responded to a call for a fire in the area of 284 Bowdoin St. in Dorchester. … That caused the statue’s face and upper body to get burned, according to officials.16 hours ago

Virgin Mary statue set on fire outside Boston church: Police

The only thing I can hope for is, sooner than later, all of these thug/hooligans get properly rewarded for their destructive activities. They took a legitimate gripe the black community had against the rogue cops, by the way of demonstrations, and turned it into a free-for-all, using it as a ploy to exact all of their animalistic tendencies.

The bastards that are funding these activities should be hunted down and put behind bars or worse. The money to fund these anarchists is coming from somewhere and someone. Accusation can not be made unless there is a 1,000% certainty. BUTT we all have a very good idea who is behind it.

Sooner or later, the brakes have to be put on these fools. The bleeding hearts in this country (there are millions) need to understand, the rioters do not understand or respect anything other than retaliation with greater violence.

Unfortunately and very sad to say; there are going to have to be some of the sheep taken to the big sheering shop in the sky before the other sheep get the message.

The anarchists fools went from destroying the symbols of what they think represents racism, to religious icons. Where it will stop will be up to the people in charge of the sheering shop.

Up to this point the rioters have been given every opportunity to end their disgraceful, destructive activities peacefully, BUTT have refused. In my opinion, when anyone does not listen to common-sense and is not welling to compromise, they do not give the other side much of a choice but to do whatever it takes to put out the fires.

As you can see I am trying to be very delicate with my resolution. I hope for all parties concerned, this insanity will start to taper off and stop soon. The way I see it is ……..


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