A person can always tell who their friends are, when …..

Goya Foods CEO refuses to bow to leftist cancel culture

Especially where there is money and bodily harm at risk; loyalty is what separates the men from the boys.

Goya CEO dismisses critics for praise of Trump: ‘I’m not …thehill.com › homenews › media › 506915-goya-ceo-d…

13 hours ago – The chief executive of Goya Foods, Robert Unanue, brushed off critics on Friday, saying that he would not apologize for his previous statement …

It is so easy to say what a great supporter of someone we are when things are good. What separates the men from the boys, the ladies from the gals, the doers from the talkers is, who is left standing when the chips are down and our back is against the wall.

I have always said; the way to tell who is a good friend is, when you are confronted with 5 thugs with ball bats; you turn around and look, the ones that are still standing with you, they are the true friends.

Robert Unanue could have very ea$ily capitulated to the far-lefter$ for the $ake of not being boycotted and lo$ing money, but he is a man of character and principal.

At a Rose Garden speech; Unanue referred to PDT as a blessed leader (may be a stretch). Immediately the psycho lefters jumper on the remark and threatened to boycott his business Goya if he did not rescind his statement. Unanue refused demonstrating his support and loyalty to Trump.

Was it a smart move?? Question 2; what do we have in our life except to say, we have pride in the fact that we can not walk with our hears held high and be proud of our accomplishments, knowing against the odds we remained loyal to our friends when the chip were down??

Pride is one attribute that has been severely lost in this country, and I do not see a big come-back. For all of the degenerates that are sitting at the buffet table of freedom and stuffing their pathetic face with all the amenities; then in turn, they spit the food into their host face, they have no pride and are nothing but parasites.

Hats off to Robert Unanue; he can say with pride, he is a man’s man!!


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