Was Trump right?? What difference does it make ….

‘Abandoned the rule of law’: Lawmakers react to Trump granting clemency to Roger Stone


What did PDT do any different than all of his predecessors?? Nothing. But because he is the guy that stomped CHC in the election, he cannot do anything without being metaphorically tarred, feathered and run out of town.

Pardons Granted by President Barack Obama (2009-2017)www.justice.gov › … › Clemency Recipients

James Robert Adelman. Offense: Conspiracy to embezzle by trustee or officer; embezzlement by trustee (five counts); making a false account (Northern District …‎

January 17, 2017 · ‎December 19, 2016
Obama granted clemency to the most people since Truman …www.pewresearch.org › fact-tank › 2017/01/20 › obam…

Jan 20, 2017 – Obama granted clemency to more people than any U.S. president in 64 years, … a figure that includes 1,715 commutations and 212 pardons. … the petitions he received; William Howard Taft and Wilson did so for 39% and 38%, respectively. … Many Black and Asian Americans Say They Have Experienced …

TMC didn’t do anything different either; he just did it better. Because of who TMC was/is and what he represented, the man got away with more shenanigans than any president before him.

Two things we can definitely bank on; the sun will come up tomorrow morning and politics is the MOST corrupt/dishonest/double-standard/under-handed/back-biting occupation in the world. I hate to use the word occupation; that indicates someone has to actually work for a living.

Personally, if I had to vote on the issue; I would vote that no governor – president or mayor should have the power to commute any ones sentence after they are found guilty. Appeals yes, commutation no. What is the point to having a trial??

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