Rubbing on poison/possibly lethal substance to kill virus ….


FDA expands list of hand sanitizers to avoid due to methanol risk with more being recommended for recall

The Food and Drug Administration has expanded the number of hand sanitizers to avoid because they may contain methanol, a toxic substance when absorbed through skin or ingested.

The FDA now lists on a chart 59 varieties of hand sanitizer that should be avoided, some which have already been recalled, and other products being recommended for recalls as they may contain the potentially fatal ingredient.

Personally; I carry a small bucket of soap and water in the car. I wash my hands every-time I come out of a place. Soap has been proven more effective than sanitizers.

It is a absolute joke. We have been pour gasoline on the flames to try and put out the fire. What or who the hell can we trust??

Take a look at the list above to make sure you are not using one of the product that will do you more harm than good.

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