Donny; I take it all back ….

Robert De Niro’s lawyer says coronavirus has caused the actor financial strain

I find it hard to feel sorry for someone like the Taxi Driver that has made 100’$ of million’$ of dollar$ through the years, and is crying poor mouth.

Speaking of The Mouth:


Gotta wonder if Bobby will have the goolunie$ to axe PDT for a short term loan to hold him over until his brother THE HUNCH BACK straightens out??

Bobby went from this:

How Robert De Niro Built a Business Empire Worth $1 › news › robert-niro-built-business-…

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To this:


There is no denying, the man has more acting talent than 99% of the stars out there, BUTT one CHARACTERISTIC/QUALITY he is lacking in is polish/class. No stand-up citizen would ever stoop as low as he did, screaming on national prime time TV for the President of the USA to go fuck himself. The guy is an embarrassment to himself and the country. Not to mention all the idiots that applauded him. They are just as bad.

SOOOOOOOOO, do I feel sorry that Bobby is hurting for coin?? Hell no. Possibly he can start waiting on tables in one of the eateries he owns. ORRRRRRRRRR, call PDT to see if he can do some gardening around the Casa Bianca till he gets over the hump.

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1 Response to Donny; I take it all back ….

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    Bobby is probably broke because his wife divorced him and took him to the cleaners!

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