Leave it to a rum-dumb magazine …..

Donald Trump’s New Gray Hair Is Just His Latest Political Tactic


Only a rum-dumb publication like Vogue (the MOTHER ship of Teen Vogue) would make a case out of PDT’s hair being a political scheme.

If we remember, Teen Vogue did one of the most disgusting article I ever read. It is a BLOW by BLOW description (pictures and all) on how teens should engage in anal intercourse.

Anal Sex: Safety, How tos, Tips, and More | Teen Voguewww.teenvogue.com › anal-sex-what-you-need-to-know

Nov 12, 2019 – Start with finger or a small (I do mean v. small) butt plug and either warm yourself up or have a partner help. To do this, lube up your finger or toy …You’ve visited this page 4 times. Last visit: 3/11/20

If this is an example of free speech; they can have it.


So it is no surprise to me that they could find fault with Trump’s new hairdo.

Saddest part about this; these Vogue fools think they are in vogue and have millions of fool followers with the same idiotic mentality. Get example setters and role models for the kids to emulate.

Heaven help the USA.

I am thrilled the gray haired guy is at the helm instead of CHC. We would be in a lot more trouble than we are now.

I think it is time for him to go natural. Based on the beating he has taken while in office, I am surprised he has any hair at all.

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