Anything wrong with this picture ….

Dr. Phil received $7M in PPP loans — while son splurged on $10M home

I know it is a monumental task running a government, BUTT someone or something should have control on how the funds are distributed and who they are distributed to.

Dr Phil, who has to be one of the most prolific promoters in the business, makes in round numbers, 80 million a year and is worth close to a billion dollar$. If you have ever watched his show, 60% of the time he is on the hustle hawking his products or podcasts.

Can someone tell me how this guy can get a PPP loan from the the government to the tune of 7 million dollar$?? Shortly there after, may just be a co-incident,

his kid purchased a mansion for 10 million in ca$h.

I have never begrudged anyone’s success, BUTT to rape the country as Phil did when his plate is overflowing is sinful.

If Phil was AXED why he applied for the loan, he would probably say; because he could. God hates a glutton.

No one is watching the store folks. Butt, what the hell is new??

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2 Responses to Anything wrong with this picture ….

  1. The loan he received should have been to keep his tv employees paid while they were shut down. How his son bought I house in cash, I have no idea. Daddy’s money I suspect but not loan money. But you’re right, because he could.

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