Not a smart move officer …

Is it difficult under any circumstance for cops not to react violently when some belligerent person is getting in their face?? Absolutely, BUTT this is why they SHOULD be trained for conditions like this.

I don’t care what the circumstances were that prompted the cop to blast that obnoxious/nasty/overbearing women in the jaw, he was totally out of line; especially that he nailed her first.

These and similar conditions are going to continue to flare up regardless. The important thing, if the cops were wrong, they need to be dealt with in the proper manner. On the other hand; for anyone to think that incidents like this can be totally eliminated is fool hearty.

In all fairness let us do a test run; when the shoe would be on the other foot.

I would like to reverse the circumstances to see how the agitator would react under these conditions. Whether the public wants to admit it or not; being a cop, especially in day and age of complete defiance, where bastards spit on them – throw items at them and tries to kill them – is a very stressful job in the heat of the battle.

Many times the instigator deliberately provokes the cops, hoping to get abused so the can sue the department. For all we know, (not saying it is the case), but a possibility; yesterday the cop may have had some bastard spit in his face or possibly one of his comrades in arms got killed. We have to consider these as mitigating circumstances.

Without the boy and gals in blue; we will be screwed- blued and tattooed. They are the necessary glue in our society keeping the peace. We can see happened in the Land of Seagulls. After the the rioters destroyed the city, it took the cops to come back in and restore order.

I think the fool that calls herself a mayor should definitely be impeached for shirking her responsibility.


For all the lamebrained liberals in Seattle; be careful of what you wish for. You are like the old TV program; YOU ASKED FOR IT.

For all the voters out there; pay attention; this is a perfect example of a socio-liberal mentality and how they handle law and order. After the shit hits the fan, they come back on bended knee looking to be bailed out. I would tell them all to KMFA.

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