The fools are commuting suicide ……

NY City Council approves slashing $1B from NYPD budget

With crime soaring the way it is by leaps and bounds; some idiotic/imbecilic mayors of cities are slashing millions and billions for the law enforcement budgets and LITERATELY cutting the throats of the citizens. In reality, it is as bad as if someone pulled out a gun, killed half of the neighborhood and then blew out their own brains.


Anyone that is gullible enough to believe that defunding/getting rid of the cops is going to solve their problems, they are a fool. They are going to hire some sort of rag-tag civilian group to keep law and order. This group, to start with, will not be trained properly and the city will experience the same, if not more severe problems than they had with the cops.

They have their heads so far up their ass, they can not see that; just because there are a couple (possibly more) incompetent mayors in the country, all he mayors are not bad. Would it make sense to fire all the mayors, ORRRR just get rid of the bad ones?

I will continue to stand on my phenomenal recommendation, with the co-operation of all concerned, for THE POLICE TO POLICE THE POLICE as a remedy. what can be more logical than that?? I have not heard a better idea from anyone. They are on the front lines with them on a daily basis and will see first hand if and when any get out of line than take whatever action is necessary to put the brakes on. BUTT getting rid of the cops is a tremendous mistake, in more ways than one.

If these idiot mayors think they are holding a hot potato now, just wait and see how hot it is going to get. This THING will get so far out of kilter, they will BE FORCED to scrambling to hire the cops back to bring law and order back to their cities. By that time, it will have been too late with irreparable damage.

It boggles my mind, fools like this keep getting elected. What does that tell us?? They are tremendous bull-shitters and their supporters are to ignorant to come out of the rain. ORRRRRR, the Big ORRRR; it is possible that this is all a contrived plan between the crooks to lay the entire blame of the civil disorder on PDT.

We built a beautiful 22 story building. When the building was full occupied, it was discovered the building had some discrepancies on the 13th floor (always bad luck). Some of the fools on the board decided, because the building had some flaws they were going to demolish the entire building and start over. For all the fools out there, does that make any sense. COMMON-SENSE!!!!

Be careful what you wish for. Making repairs to the building makes a lot more sense than totally destroying it.


Are any of you make-believe politicians out there reading this?? If not, you should be!!

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