With the Donald; never say never ….

Rough polling stretch has GOP operatives asking: Could Trump drop out?

Some GOP operatives are wondering if the president could drop out of the presidential race if his poll numbers don’t improve.


It is no secret that PDT is an ego-driven man, and much of his decision making revolves around his egotistical fame of mind. That being said; is there a possibility, if he sees the handwriting on the wall, he will willfully, of his own accord make an exit if he see he is going to loose the election?? Never say never.

To start with; I have never in all my old long life ever seen anyone take a beating as he has coming from all sides. Good – bad or indifferent, he was and still is always wrong in the opinion of the other side. It is not bad enough he takes/took a pounding from his adversaries, he even gets little support from his own party.

I don’t want to get into whether his is right or wrong, that would take me a week. The fact of the matter is, he has taken a good shellacking from every angle.

I made a prediction way back when; the only person that would beat Trump would be Trump himself. With his record number of accomplishments in many areas, he was well on his way to a victory. Then, something no one could have predicted, the invisible killer Mr Corona came to town, that started the ball rolling down the hill for Trump. To put the icing on the cake; a couple of rogue cops killed a couple of black men that started riots around the country.

Not because of anything Trump said or did, just an extreme case of bad luck surfaced around the country.

The BLM movement/demonstrations that started out peacefully, but turned into /destruction/shooting/burning and killings and that started putting more nails to his coffin.

The movement that should have been created for the betterment of the country got absolutely/totally out of hand and still is, has very little to do with racial justice. It is fueled by a large number of black militants that are supported by a very large group of white sympathizers. Their cause may have been legitimate in the beginning, but gave many of psychos the excuse to use it for nefarious reasons.

As the old saying goes; the buck stops here; well it did and plopped it’s ugly ass right on Trump’s desk. PDT is taking the heat for this entire scenario, that coincidentally he had no control over. For the lack of a better term, he was/is in thee wrong place at the wrong time.

Trump is wear the jacket for Mr Corona and the riots, both of which had NOTHING to do with his decision making or anything he did wrong. As he is notorious for; he may have said some inappropriate things, but that is the extent of it.

Trump is like a guy that got into a fight; his opponent knocked him to the ground, then all of the cowards rushed in and kicked him while he was on the ground.

The long and the short of it. I think he did a super job in most areas. Did he make mistakes along the way?? You betcha!! His biggest adversaries are the media, far-left, The Ship of Fools, the new movement spearheaded by Ossacio – the younger generation that does not know their ass from 1st base, and groups of parasites that are looking for a free ride through life. Couple them all together, that adds up to a sizable group, and sad to say is picking up steam.

Will PDT drop out is anyone’s guess. I say; based on the beating he has taken from all sides, I would have told this country to kiss my ass a long time ago.

This time in history has been the perfect storm for all of the fools that want to turn this country into a socialist state. All of the above mentioned issues have collided at the same time and is doing a good job capsizing Trump boat.

We must not forget the origin of where this fight started. It is all the caused by the CHC getting her ass kicked in 2016 and snowballed out of control ever since.

The supporters of the riots are like the young, spoiled brat that got himself into a jack pot because he did not listen to his parents. Who did the brat call to bail him out of jail when he got locked up.

It boggles my mind they have the balls to live in this country and are protected by it’s laws, BUTT at the same time are trying to burn it down. I say speak to them in a language they understand.

I can say one thing with certainty. If Trump packs it in and the other side gets control, this country is doomed.

FOOLS; be careful of what you wish for. The scene in the Land of Evergreens is just a walk in the park as to what this country will look like.

How can any civilized human-being behave in this manner?? I guess civilized is the key word. The demonstrations only gave them an excuse to unleash their animalistic behavior.

Topping it off, these fools want shit canning police departments!! If that happens, it will play right into the anarchists hands. This country will be in shambles in short order.

These imbeciles have no idea how this is going to play out and don’t care. If left unchecked, this is what the entire USA will look like.

When the basics, like organization, discipline and control are taken away from any entity, allowing the employees/fools/citizens to run rampant, the party is over.

Let us all hope that PDT continues (I don’t know why he would) to stay on course and turns the politics and polls around. Dispite some of his hang-ups he is exactly what the USA needs now, even more than in 2016.

Always AXE yourself, what is our alternative?? Who does the republican party have with any balls that can step up to the plate against all odds?? Not to mention; under current circumstances/conditions, what fool would want the job??

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