Beyonce lays it on the table …

Here is it folks; for all of you fools that support people that hate you.

Lyrics for the song BLACK PARADE

I‘m goin’ back to the South. I’m goin’ back, back, back, back. Where my roots ain’t watered down. Growin’, growin’ like a Baobab tree

Ankh charm on gold chains, with my Oshun energy, Drip all on me, woo, Ankh or the Dashiki print

Melanin, melanin, my drip is skin deep, like Ooh, motherland, motherland, motherland, motherland drip on me

Yeah, yeah, I’m for us, all black. All chrome (Yeah), black-owned (Yeah). Black tints (Yeah), matte black (Yeah, yeah)

Baby sister reppin’ Yemaya

Rubber bullets bouncin’ off me. Made a picket sign off your picket fence. Take it as a warning.

Waist beads from Yoruba (Woo) Four hunnid billi’, Mansa Musa (Woo)

Put us any-damn-where, we gon’ make it look cute. Pandemic fly on the runway, in my hazmat.

Judgin’, runnin’ through the house to my art, all black. Ancestors on the wall, let the ghosts chit-chat

Black love, we gon’ stay together. Curtis Mayfield on the speaker (Woo). Lil’ Malcolm, Martin mixed with momma Tina (Woo). Need another march, lemme call Tamika (Woo). Need peace and reparation for my people (Woo)

Fuck these laid edges, I’ma let it shrivel up (Shrivel up) Fuck this fade and waves I’ma let it dread all up (Dread all up)

Put your fists up in the air, show black love (Show black love)

Now here we come on our thrones, sittin’ high. Follow my parade, oh, black parade

To start with, any normal person need an interrupter to understand the lyrics. Possibly their are not supposed to be understood by white people??

Great material/lyrics coming from some person that is supposed to want harmony and peace among races. The way I see it; Beyonce is just stoking the fires of hatred with her insightful music.

It is a know fact that the majority of black music is bought by the white fools. The white people support the majority of the music industry.

Is Hip Hop’s Audience Really 80% White? | Hip-Hop and Politics

Jul 15, 2006 ·

It started in 1991 when Newsweek Magazine did a cover story on Gangsta Rap and in their article they put out an un-researched statistic that said 80% of Hip Hop’s audience is white and that its reflected in record sales. That stat has been bantered about ever since as …

They remind me of TMC releasing billions to Iran, so he can finance their cause to wipe the USA off the map. Anddddd; Nasty Nan wants to start yet another investigation into Trump and the Russians!! GMAFB.

The hate driven lyrics are staring you in the face folks. What I said the other day in my post, seems to be prophetic.

I am convinced that many of the black people are not seeking equality, but they are seeking total dominance. All lives mater – ALM

I hope for the sake of the country (future generations) , the intelligent people in this country (not many left) can see through the evilness in some people. As I said; some black people do not equality, they want dominance. Beyonce is leading the parade.

Take your time and read the lyrics carefully and then tell me there is not more racism directed at the white people than there is the black. This is very disheartening to me. I was hoping that level heads would prevail and this issue could be settled peacefully.

With is the old saying (Beyonce); with friends like her, who need enemies. In my opinion, Beyonce is doing the black community more harm than good.

Just like in any race – occupation – walk of life, there are good people and there are bad; that is never going to change. It is up to the worthless politicians/government/judicial system officials to pass laws, control the bad seeds and bring them to justice.

ALL OUT WAR BETWEEN THE RACES IS NOT THE ANSWER. With rhetoric like Beyonce is pushing, the way I interpret it, that is the direction she is moving in. SHAMEFUL.

Make sure and catch the reparation part of the song. This song (if that is what you call it) is unconscionable.

Like they say in her neck of the woods; they are bringing it to front street and not trying to camouflage their intent. With attitudes like this, it will get very ugly.

Wise up fools and start treating people the way they treat you.

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  1. The song is gibberish.

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