When is the best time to attack someone …….

When is the most advantageous time to attack your enemy?? Naturally when they are at their low or weakest point. WELL; do I have to say more.

The USA has never been as weak as we are now; being attacked by Mr Coronas who will not get his hat; partially because of the lack of disciple of the American people and the fact that he was started to leave then changed his mind and extending his visit.

Top off Mr Corina’s stay and add the turmoil in many of the USA’s cities with civil unrest, demonstrations, riots and killings, de-funding the police departments, there soon will be no one left to mind the stores.

I have to take a wild guess and say; The Ruskies and Charlie Chan and company are licking their lips and sizing up their chances of making a move. Never say never.

The guy is in sick bay, laying in the sack, can barley pick up his arms or breath; when would be a better time then now to pounce on him and put his lights out for good.

Russia’s global influence stretches from Venezuela to Syriawww.cnbc.com › 2020/02/10 › russias-global-influence…

Feb 10, 2020 – Russia has been keeping relatively quiet on the global stage of late but … to Yevgeny Prigozhin and (the) Wagner group — have done very well ..

Guaranteed the Judo Guy has his eye on the USA and would love to make an assault across the pond. That being said; I may worry even more about Charlie Chan than the Judo Guy. I think they are more ruthless. That is very evident by the way they concealed the corona virus for so long and infected the entire world. They have that gigantic aircraft carrier just sitting there getting rusty and may want to put it to use. They did not build it for show and tell.

I did this post 5 years ago:


Some people may scoff at my opinion, but if we are not prepared for any possibility coming from any direction, no matter what the circumstances are, it will be too late when the hammer falls. Anyone ever heard of Covid-19??

Keep you eye on the hogs and your finger on the trigger.

These f-ed-up politicians we have running this country at all levels better get their shit together and do something about the rioters. What can be done you AXE?? That is what they make the big bucks for, making the tough decisions. They can not make easy ones let alone tough ones.

In my opinion, there needs to be an olive branch extended on both sides (always look for the peaceful solutions first) to come to a peaceful solution to our problems. If that does not work, then there should be a time limit/deadline set, then send in the troops and clean house before there are no houses left to clean. These anti-American fools are dismantling this country brick by brick and board at a time.

Now is the time for the politicians at all levels to do what they get paid big bucks for.

People like that fool mayor in Seattle, need to be run out of town on a rail. Because of her lack of leadership; several people have died and the anarchists have destroyed half their downtown. She should be brought up on criminal charges for dereliction of duty.


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