Their mission has credibility; their methodology is all wrong – threats do not cut it ….

Black Lives Matter leader states; if US ‘doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system’

Follow up to:

There is an old say; there will be no winners, may hold very true in this case.

In their spokesman’s video he said burn down the system. Then said; it can be interpreted any way we want to.

Should that to be taken literally or figuratively?? Does the word system mean buildings, structures or the ideology of the government or possibly both??

Mr. Spokesman and his flock have to understand; if this course of action continues down this dark and ugly road, nothing good can come of it.

I say, by now; they have made their point and for the most part I would conclude they have/had legitimate complaints on how their people were being treated. There is not question about it.

On the other hand; I STILL have not heard any of the black communities leaders stand-up and try to discourage their people from committing crimes. No crimes – no cop intervention – no abuse.

Sooner then later this whole scenario has to come to a head and there may be heads rolling in the streets on both side of the fence. It will not be pretty or benefit the entire USA in any way.

2 things have to happen. Cut the crime rate substantially – No crimes – no cop intervention – no abuse. Simultaneously there MUST be police reform around the country. It is absolutely necessary to; train the cops properly – vet them the the max and immediately discipline the ones that slip through the cracks.

The black community can not or should not be hypocritical and put the entire blame on the system. If they did not commit the crimes, police intervention would drop by 80% or more. Whether they want to admit it or not, they play a very significant role in why conditions are the way they are.

I am not suggesting many of their people are not being hassled or abused by cops where there was no crime committed. This would have to fall under the POLICE REFORM ACT. There absolutely has to be accountability on both sides.

Would that be an end to crime in the USA?? Hell no, but it would diminish it considerably. Crime is as old an mankind and will never be extinguished.

Many of their black leaders continually talk about not wanting to address the issues.

It is possible they are right. Now is the time to sit down and lay it on the table. Speak of the past, but look to the future. We can not change the past but we can learn from it. With the proper leadership on all sides, we definitely can change the course of the future. The path we are on now is disastrous and can only lead to bloodshed and hard feelings.

If Black Lives really matters to it’s leadership and they want a better life for their kids futures; it is time to sit down and talk. No holds barred, shot straight from the hip, leave the attitudes on the door step and tell it like it is. If they truly care about their people and the future, they will try to resolve this situation peacefully.

On the other hand; law-enforcement MUST change it’s policies. There is absolutely no way that the country can exist without police protection. De-funding or eliminating the cops is out of the question. Look at Seattle and tell me that cops are not a necessity, and I will tell you; YOU ARE A FOOL.

At this point in time: I do not think there is one person in this country with 1/2 a brain that can look at the circumstances that brought us here and deny it’s existence. The black community has been severely abused in many cases. Now is the time to change it. The nasty road we are all on can only lead to further dissension and hatred among the races.

On the other hand; IFFFF what Black lives matters people are just using this time and place to rebel against the USA and do not want a peaceful resolution; we all are shoveling shit into the wind. It is only coming back and hitting us in the face.

Let us stop, take a deep breath and lay the cards on the table; see if ALL PARTIES concerned are man enough – willing enough – and sincere enough to want to come to a peaceful-reciprocal solution. If this meeting ever came to fruition and people did not come with and open mind, being confrontational, we might as well for-get-a-bout-it.

Is it a lot to ask of people to forget what happened to them?? You betcha!! Living in the past is counter-productive and can only lead to further unpleasantness. We always have to look at the alternative; it is not a good one. The same reason I voted for Trump.

Listen folks; the ball is in your court and only you can control yours and your kids destiny. It can be as simple or difficult as you want it to be. Any fool that wants to live under the conditions we are currently experiencing is truly a fool.

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