Is this Psycho bitch a grandstander or what???

They better put this psycho bitch in a padded cell. Most of what she does is just a smoke screen to make Trump look bad and the demo-socialists look good.

Pelosi gifting U.S. flag to George Floyd’s brother is permitted … › article › news › verify › folded-ame…

Jun 17, 2020 – Nancy Pelosi gifted a folded American flag to George Floyd’s family last week. Many are asking if she bestowed an honor meant only for veterans. … “Pelosi Gifts George Floyd’s Brother Folded American Flag Reserved Only For … Congressional members like Nancy Pelosi can request flags and gift them as …


Was the killing of George Floyd unnecessary and an outright crime by a crazy cop?? Absolutely yes. BUTT that does not mean his family deserves a folded American flag as a commemoration of his death. Why not the Congressional Medal of Honor??

Take a good look at the photo; this nit-wit Nasty Nan has part of her brutta faccia exposed.

I genuinely fell as bad if not worse for the conditions in this country than most people do; can you tell by my posts. BUTT I have a big problem when one of our paid officials (bandits/thieves) publicity seeking grandstanders for their ulterior motives and their own personal gain. This vicious women should hang her head in shame for comparing Floyd’s death to the people that valiantly gave their lives for their country.

Even the NY Times substantiates Floyd’s criminal record.

Who is George Floyd? – The New York › article › george-floyd-who-is

Jun 18, 2020 – George Floyd, From ‘I Want to Touch the World’ to ‘I Can’t Breathe’ … had a string of arrests in Houston, according to court and police records.

Come on folks; let us be fair in our actions. Don’t compare a criminal to a war hero. That is a slap in the face to everyone that deserves the award for dying for their country. This should go over very well with all the vets and their families come election day.

Nan and the rest of The Ship of Fools are too ignorant to see that many of the contrived actions they level against Trump, backfire on them and makes them look bad.


Nasty Nan is completely out of control; tell me she is not a vicious Broad!!

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