Sooner or later ….

AOC’s blowout win, last-minute voting in Kentucky and other key takeaways from Tuesday’s primaries

Folks; I have been saying it for years. Sooner or later the demo-socialists WILL take over the country. Occasio winning big is just one of the many examples of why.

The numbers of the parasites espousing to her mentality are growing everyday.


Parasites – About Parasites – › parasites › about

A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host and gets its food from or at the expense of its host. Parasites can cause disease in humans.

It is eventually bound to happen through attrition. When parasites are offered deals like this; they are too stupid – greedy and gullible to see through the scam.

FREE – FREE – FREE; come on folks, you are smarter than that. We all know that without taxes from he working class, the government can not exist.

When AXED where Occasio intends to get the funds to support her pipe dreams, her answer was; we will find a way. GMAFB

Sad to say this mentality of Occasio’s has spread like wild fire. No one wants to believe me when I say; it is huge a Political Ponzi Scheme where only the thieves on top if the pyramid are the winners.

I have no idea how long it will take for Occasio and her posse (you can interpret the word in a couple different ways) – the anarchists – rioters and anti Americans living in this country to total destroy our freedoms and democracy. You can take my word for it; the time is well on it’s way.

If the mayors – governors and president do not get these rioting bandits under control soon; they will continue to get stronger by the day.

Gun-toting protesters ‘take over’ scene around Atlanta Wendy’s with police out of sight

Atlanta Wendy’s arson suspect, ID’d as Rayshard Brooks’ girlfriend, arrested

Judge Napolitano on Rayshard Brooks case: Murder charge against Atlanta officer is ‘catastrophic mistake’

Oakland mayor says public safety reform ‘means not just to reform the police, but to replace the police’

SEE IT: Protesters attack pol at Wis. statehouse, topple statue of Union hero

Occasio and her posse absolutely supports the civil unrest that we are witnessing. They are bound and determined to get PDT out of The Big Chair in November. Only a blind fool can not see the majority of these incidents are leveled at PDT to make him look bad. (With some of the comments he makes, he doesn’t need much help with that)

When these demo-socialists do take over the country, it will be just a matter of time before the USA will resemble some of the 3rd world countries.

If the mayors – governors and president do not get these rioting bandits under control soon; they will continue to get stronger by the day.

The handwriting for the future of the USA is on the wall. I like to be optimistic, BUTT I don’t see much in my crystal ball to cheer about.


I continually use this as a reference: Don’t ever say never!! The Roman Empire was much more powerful than the USA is now. And Yes, they did go down the tubes.

Image result for reasons why the Roman Empire crumble

8 Reasons Why Rome Fell

  • Invasions by Barbarian tribes. …
  • Economic troubles and over reliance on slave labor. …
  • The rise of the Eastern Empire. …
  • Over expansion and military overspending. …
  • Government corruption and political instability. …
  • The arrival of the Huns and the migration of the Barbarian tribes. …
  • Christianity and the loss of traditional values.

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