Take your choice, rubber or FULL METAL JACKET …..

Rubber bullets are being used on the THUGS/rioters in Seattle and they are bitching up a storm.

Fractured skulls, lost eyes: Police break their own rules when shooting protesters with ‘rubber bullets’

Seattle police responded to peaceful demonstrations by deploying tear gas, less-lethal rubber bullets, flash-bang grenades and pepper spray. Direct actions from protesters denouncing the police tactics prompted Mayor Jenny Durkan to announce a 30-day ban on the use of tear gas for crowd control.

Seattle Sued Over Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets Fired at Protesterswww.courthousenews.com › blm-aclu-sue-seattle-over-tear-gas-rubbe…

I have a news flash for these cowards/anarchists/rioters. They are very lucky that the cops are only using rubber bullets. What they are doing is strictly against the law that allows law-enforcement or private citizens to shoot and kill while protecting their property.

The democrats are chomping at the bit for PDT to make a drastic move. That would certainly cement his defeat.

Life can be pretty simple; Don’t want to get shot with rubber bullets, do not break the law. That seems to be a link these fools are missing. How difficult is that to understand??

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