Yet another unfounded accusation …


Comedian Trevor Noah spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper this week about the state of racism, police abuse and protests in America, saying White people who were horrified by the looting that took place during some of the Black Lives Matter protests should realize many Black Americans feel their bodies are looted by police every single day.”Maybe it would help you if… you think about that… unease that you felt watching that Target being looted, try to imagine how it must feel for Black Americans when they watch themselves being looted every single day,” Noah, who is the host of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” told Cooper.

Trevor Noah cleans like a madman and sings to pass the time at home“That’s fundamentally what’s happening in America,” he said. “Police in America are looting black bodies.”

GMAFB -TWICE: When a fool can not think of anything credible to complain about, what do they do, make up a bullshit story/exaggerate and lie.

This fool is trying the justify/compare the rioting and looting his people are doing by making up a bull-shit whopper story. “Maybe it would help you if… you think about that… unease that you felt watching that Target being looted, try to imagine how it must feel for Black Americans when they watch themselves being looted every single day,”

I have always been a big advocate of criticizing someone for their wrong doings and complimenting them for what the did right, no matter what race they are. I even gave TMC about 3 compliments in 8 years.

I am trying to figure out exactly what this fool is referring to when he claims black Americans are being looted everyday? Is the statement a metaphor or is the dude high on something.

How about the 98% of the good/dedicated cops that put their lives on the line everyday to protect fools like Noah?? Does that count for anything. ORRR, should we make the comparison that blacks make up 15% of the USA population, BUTT they commit 51% of the crimes?? No one should ever be held accountable or persecuted for what their father did. Metaphor Noah!!

If we are ever going to get over the racial hurdle (I have my doubts) lets put the jacket on who deserves it and quit firing up the masses with bullshit stories. All it takes is one JACK-OFF like Noah to stir up the shit pot and incited people into more rioting.


The reason I say that the racial thing may never turn the corner is because of fools like Noah. In reality, there can be a solution IFFFFF everyone co-operates. As hard as it is to believe, there are fools out there that do not want peace between the races. They make a good living off of people’s miseries.

It always has dumbfounded me why Albert Sharpless has so much drag. There can be only one reason. This guy has a rap sheet as long as his Aunt Tillie’s arm.

These are the charges the authorities know of.

Instead of bad mouthing ALL the cops; fools like Noah should be more specific and acknowledge all the good ones that have kept his racist ass safe all these years.

Are all black people to be considered bad because of the criminals in their community?? Hell no. I know some wonderful/stand-up/hard working decent black people that are a credit to their race.

Message to fools like Noah: Lets call a spade a spade not just a f-in shovel!!

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