Give them a rod they eats for life – give them fish, they sit on their ass and rot away …


There seems to be a big push by the black community and their sympathizers to collect reparation for what some whack jobs (including many of their black people) did over 200 years ago. It was called slavery.

  1. 1.
    the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged 
    “the courts required a convicted offender to make financial reparation to his victim”
    Similar: amends – restitution – redress – compensation – recompense – repayment and so on and so on ….
    One of the issues the black people do not like to talk about; the fact that many of the sellers of the slaves were their own people.  Now 200 plus years later they are looking for a freebie / handout from the US government to pay for the sins of their forefathers.
    Being that many of the sellers were black, does that mean part of the black community has to KICK into the reparation/shakedown fund???
    Come on folks. What happened 200 plus years ago can not be undone.  Intelligent/educated people look to the future and how they can better it. Living in the past, especially reliving unpleasant conditions is counterproductive.  
    REPARATION example: The people that really got screwed by the government years back were the American Indians. The government killed thousands of them; literally took all of their land away from them and sequestered then to Indian reservations.  In short order, they went from thriving, energetic people to a bunch of worthless, lazy  zombies.
    In order to compensate them for the Injustices imposed on them, the government awarded each member of the family $1,000,000. Mathematics; if a family head 15 members, the family was awarded 15 million dollars.
    The Indians went through that free money like the water goes through a colander on my Sunday pasta dinner. 
    Within a year or two the majority of the Indians were more impoverished then they were before. Let us learn by our past mistakes and do not do a repeat performance.
    It is a known fact and should be common knowledge; when a person does not have to work for a living, they become lethargic, it disintegrates their mind and their ambitions. They get in a rut,  get depressed, become alcoholics, the suicide rate goes up, their health deteriorates because they lack of mobility. So all-in-all what are the pluses of reparation but paying some parasites to sit on their lazy ass the rest of their life.
    So goes the benefits of free money.

Just for the record. I blame the government as much as I do the recipients of the handouts. For too many year they have allowed this country to spiral out of control, only concerned with their tenure. They are disgraceful.

The politicians have always had the other guy to blame. It was /is never them. They always have THE PAST ADMINISTRATION or THE OTHER PARTY to point the finger at.

What we see in Seattle, around the rest of the country, abusive cops and carrier criminals is disgraceful. It ALL may have gone past the point of no return with the irreparable damage that has been done.

Pay me now or pay me later.

Give them a rod they eats for life – give them fish, they sit on their ass and rot away …..

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2 Responses to Give them a rod they eats for life – give them fish, they sit on their ass and rot away …

  1. I wonder how well a scholarship fund would do.

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