Just what the slob needed ….

‘Sopranos’ star James Gandolfini once threatened to beat up Harvey Weinstein over talk show appearance: report

“Sopranos” star James Gandolfini once got so upset with a pre-scandal Harvey Weinstein’s heavy-handed ways that he exasperatedly threatened to “beat the fuck” out of the mogul.


That is just what the degenerate slob needed; a good Old Fashion Italian whipping to get his pathetic/ugly ass in line.

With all of the booty/trim out there, especially for a swine with all the $oldi had, getting laid should have not been the issue. BUTT for control freaks like Winebutger, that is not satisfying enough, he need to feel the power and control while he is raping a lady.

Degenerates like Wineburger need people like Gandolfini to slap the shit out of them once an a while to keep them in line.


Hopefully Wineburger will never get to breathe a breath of free air again. If released into the prison population, possibly some guy that is serving life with nothing to loose will wants to put another notch on his belt and send Wineburger to the big directors chair in the sky. That would be a fitting end to his movie.

Gotta wonder when the hog had for dinner last night and if room service meets with his standards?? There are no drum sticks in canned/processed turkey.

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