Keep giving the store away until there is nothing left ….

Trump decries Supreme Court decisions as ‘shotgun blasts into the face’ of conservatives

It is the American way. Our kindness – generosity and IGNORANCE are killing this country. We are well on our way to giving away everything we have until there will be nothing left.

The court ruled Thursday that Trump’s reversal of President Obama’s executive order –­ that shielded illegal immigrants who came to the country as children from deportation –­ was in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), which sets out rule making procedures for federal agencies.

Where the hell is it written that the USA is the nursemaid and caretaker of the world?? Our generosity and stupidity is killing us.

Has any of the fools ever heard of the saying; CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME?? I guess not.

Is it a great thing to be benevolent?? Sure it is; butt only when you can afford it. A WISE person does not give away all their food – shelter – money when their own people are in desperate need of it. Sometime in life we have to be a little selfish.

The idiot lefters can’t think of enough ways to F-U this country. Yes, the same ones that don’t want cops patrolling our riot ridden streets.

Gotta wonder how many of the fools that signed the bill have invited a couple of dozen illegals to move in with them for a couple of years until they get house in order. Or will the illegals continue to live off of government subsidies for the duration.

As I said in an earlier post; as long as these decisions do not effect the fools that make them directly; they could give a shit about the common-guy.

Hold on to your seat belts goes; this roller coaster our country is on is taking a severe dive.


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