Change of heart, orrrrrr………

Trump says he ‘absolutely’ would support Colin Kaepernick getting second shot in NFL despite kneeling controversy

PDT must be losing his edge. He said he thinks Caper-Dick should get another shot at playing football:  “would love to see him get another shot” if he still has the skills to play in the league.

Question # 2 to PDT from the reporter should have been; what if Caper-Dick continues to kneel?? I would have liked to see PDT’s response

Although some America people have gone soft on the un-patriotic fools that kneel when the National Anthem is played, I still have a big problem with it.

I hate to think that this can be an election time maneuver on PDT’s part to stir up votes.

The other guy I have a problem with is Roger Dodger. I call fools like him fence-sitters.

It all depends on the way the direction the wind blows the hardest as to which way he will fall, whatever is popular rend for that time.

Roger does not have a mind of his own; and does not want to be unpopular, so he waits to see which way the tide flows before he commits to a decision.


Caper-dick made out like a bandit with his little charade. With Nike alone, they paid the anti-American 20 million dollars.

Nike should have been boycotted. But as we all know; patriotism in the USA has gone down the shitter. It is almost non-existent.

I say; Kaper-dick made his rack, he should have to sleep in it. But where big money is involved, all of a sudden the principles involved have lost all their principles.

The lad got the best of both worlds. Got paid big money from an Anti-American company and still may get to pay pro-ball.

Based on current conditions; I would not have expected anything different.

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