GMAFB – Quit playing with yourself and go get a job ….

USA TODAY: Reports: Aunt Jemima to change name, remove image of Black woman

How the hell is having the picture of  a good looking black lady displayed on a bottle an insult to her race??

Nancy Green was born in Montgomery County, Kentucky, and played the Jemima character from 1890 until her death on August 30, 1923. As Jemima, Green operated a pancake-cooking display at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1893, appearing beside the “world’s largest flour barrel”.!! 

That should be considered an honor having a syrup named after a her. What do the fools want to  call it; Maple Tree juice or multi-racial bee shit?? GMAFB!!

Some fools do not know what to attack next. They have too much time on their hands and gotta get a job, to keep their mind out of the gutter.

How about EDUCATING the kids how to be respectable citizens and patriots to the USA, so the THREE RING circus we are witnessing, sooner than later disappears??


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