Cut them loose ….

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s stay in Canada cost taxpayers more than $40G: report

They chose to be commoner; no one pushed them into it, so be it. Why should any country – city or state have to burden themselves with the expense of protecting these SUPPOSED common citizens??

Henpecked Harry and Marvelous Meghan wanted to get out and stay out of the limelight; so be it. The chances of someone wanting to do them harm is little to none; unless they take their liberal butts to Seattle for a visit.

Where ever they go, they should be stripped of all courtesies and perks that are attached/provided to royal celebs.

Someday; MAYBE, Henpecked Harry is going to wake up to see that this status seeking lady knew exactly what she was doing when she pulled in her WALE in, hook, line and sinker.

Not only does MM have HH by the short hair; she does not hesitate to bad mouth his Royal Granny.

It seems that MM wants her royal cake and eat it too. Although she and HH made the decision on their own to cut ties with the Royal Family; MM & HH do not like the idea that they lose their royal titles and no longer are considered royal. GMAFB. It seems she forgot when she was a nobody making porno flicks.

I am not sure if the light will ever go on in HH’s head to see the error of his ways. He may too far gone with his admiration for MM to ever make a come back. Shame on him.

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