Three words says it all – IN THE BACK ……

Atlanta erupts after Rayshard Brooks death prompts police chief to step down

Pouring gasoline on an already raging fire.

Here we go again. Will the cops ever learn??? The first thing they learn in the police academy is; not to shoot anyone in the back that is running away from them, especially if they are not a threat to anyone.

The incompetence of these inept cops absolutely mystifies me. What the hell does it take to get the message across to them?? They are playing right into the rioter hands.

In this incident; Rayshard Brooks fell asleep in his car at a Wendy’s drive thru. The cops were called. They got him out of his car and gave him a sobriety test which he failed. A struggle ensued where Brooks supposedly tried to take the stun gun from the cop and took off running, that is when he was hot in the back and killed. YES, he was running away.

Where is the justification??

I am and always have been 111% for the men and women in blue, without them it would be catastrophic. I even give them the benefit of the doubt under most circumstances. BUTT – it is getting increasingly hard to make a case for the stupidity and brutality for the very small percentage of them that have, NOT GOT THE MESSAGE.

Especially in the last to national incidents. George Floyd was trying to pass a bad 20.00$ bill and Brooks was sleeping in his car. Both men end up dead. WTFIGO???

The heat hasn’t even started to cool down with the Floyd rioting ; now we have an imbecile cop shoot and kill another black man unjustifiably. If these were capitol crime these men were committing, I would have a different slant on it, BUTT they were not life threatening to anyone.

There are about 1/100 th of a percent of Cowboy Cops out there that are the cause of turning this country upside down. Is this insanity ever going to end?? I would like to be optimistic, BUTT they are not giving me any hope.


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