Give a MAN a fish and he eats for a day; give reparation he will bleed you the rest of his life

Reconsider reparations. We need them morally and economically, and we can afford them.


Anyone with half a brain will tell us; one of the reasons some of the communities in this country are so lethargic and out of whack; because they are used to getting handout all their lives and were never compelled to work for a living. The recipients (with the help of the government) turned the welfare system, that was set up to assist desperate people get back on their feet, into an out of control financial tornado that wiping out everything in its path.

There are families that have been on some sort of welfare program for generations and never lost one drop of sweat working for a living.

What I would suggest is for the government to develop programs that put all of the able bodied people to work for their checks. WORK you say?? How dare you!! You have the nerve/balls to ask me to WORK for a living!!

If the fool politicians would have used all the time – money – energy they expelled in the last 3.5 years, trying to topple Trump and put it into better use like reforming the welfare system, just think of what they MAY HAVE been able to accomplish.

Government on the whole is a joke. With the exception of a very small group; the politicians are only out there seeing how much they can screw our country out of before the go out on a full pension. They are disgraceful. A 17% approval rating.

Take a good look around the country and see all of the areas that are in dire need of repair – cleaning – painting – picking up trash and a multitude of other jobs that would benefit the country and put the people to WORK. WORK you say; that dirty word?? Reparation is just another form of welfare.

To start with; why should tax payers pay reparation for something that happened over 200 years ago they had no part of?? Hold me responsible for what I do, not what some slave owner (many of them black) did 200 plus years ago. To put it in perspective; the blacks people are the ones that sold their own people into slavery. Now they want to get compensayed for thier own misdeeds.

Quote from Ross K. Baker Opinion columnist:

Money alone can’t right the monumental wrong of slavery. But reparations are justifiable and affordable, and they’d give the economy a needed jolt.


It is a fact of life; handouts just make the recipient much more dependent on someone supporting them instead of actively looking for work. That is the 4 letter word many welfare people cringe when they hear it, WORK!!

Let us face facts folks. Many of the reasons this country is in such deplorable shape is because over the years, our elected officials have turned many of the citizens of this country into lazy parasites. If they gave a man a fish, he will eat for one day – if they gave that same man a fishing rod and taught him how to fish, he could eat for the rest of his life.

Here Are the Cons of Welfare

  • Welfare doesn’t support the modern household. …
  • It can create a system of abuse. …
  • Welfare creates a pattern of dependence. …
  • Many welfare programs don’t address the root cause of poverty. …
  • Some countries have highly variable programs. …
  • It creates societal cliques.

Is anyone that naive enough to think; if a pattern of paying reparation was put into place; that it would only be a onetime handout?? Think again. Once that free/giveaway door would be open; it would be an ongoing demand from its freeloading recipients. Just another spike in the coffin of the American way of life.

Come on fools. Blame us for our actions, not for what some slave traitor (black and white) did 200 plus years ago. How should that entitle anyone to free money??

I would think that any stand-up black person would be ashamed/embarrassed to accept a hand-out like that. Where the hell is the pride factor??

If this shake down comes to fruition; I think there should be an all out revolution.

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