You AXED for it …..

Washington State GOP chairman: Seattle has devolved into ‘complete lawlessness’ without police

Washington State GOP chairman: Seattle has devolved into ‘complete lawlessness’ without police

This is the end result of allowing groups of fanatical/lawbreakers to operate with impunity. Give them an inch and they take 100 miles.

Who the hell is supporting these degenerates?? There has to be some big money behind them funding their lawlessness. They would not be able to conduct their activities without financial support.

To top off, what they are doing in Seattle the nit-wit mayor is siding with them suggesting, all they are doing is protesting peacefully. GMAFB. There is no way any sane person can justify what these wild beasts are doing to our country.

They are too stupid/ignorant to understand that what they are trying to tear apart, (our democracy and way of life) is what has fueled the success of the USA. Once that is gone, there will be nothing left for anyone, including these animals.

Their game plan is for these anarchists is to piss off PDT enough where he would open fire on them; which would absolutely cement his defeat in November.

Sooner or later all of this has to come to a head. They definitely have to be dealt with in a language they understand; and it will not be pretty.

What these renegades are doing is; what took 100 of years of hard work, sweat and tears to build by great American people, they are tearing it down in a matter of weeks. Why because they are psychotic bastards.

Where is TMC and his crew?? What rock are they hiding under?? If they are the patriotic people they claim to be, why are they not trying to help put out the fires?? WHY I axed; because many of them are behind the movement.

The movement is the political Ponzi Scheme I have been talking about for years. The Ponzi Scheme where only the TOP DOGS are the only winners. All of these fools out there (the rioters) are to ignorant to understand that they are only pawns in the big push for power and take-over.

Do not let anyone bull-shit you. This all originated when CHC lost the election. Her loosing to Trump was a GREATER defeat to TMC than it was to her. TMC backed her and she lost. What a black eye that gave him!! Don’t anyone sell TMC short. He is one of the key figures in the Ponzi scheme. He is very slick and operates behind the scenes.

Being that the anarchists have taken over part of downtown Seattle and will not allow anyone in or out; if I were the authorities, I would surround that area with the military and not allow any of the rioters in or out until they surrendered. Another words; starve them out.

They will not allow anyone in; they should not be allowed to go out to replenish themselves. If and when they do come out, they should all be arrested.

What the animals want us to believe; this is all about George Floyd getting killed by a cop. It has goes way beyond that. This insurrection has been in the works for decades and now was the opportune time to pull it off. We can call it the perfect storm.

The USA is in one of the most precarious positions it ever has been in. If these animals keep pushing the issue; it may come down to the federal government doing what needs to be done and let the cards fall where they may.

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