Another GOOD argument for the fools to for defunding the cops ….

LA homicides up by 250 percent over last week, LAPD reports

Mind you ; they still had cops on duty. Take the cops away or defund them and we would see LA’ homicide rate go up 2,000% in a week or higher. How about Chicago without a police department or a skeleton force??

The stupidity of some people is astounding. The ONLY reason these idiots would want to defund the police is to totally, not half-way, BUTT totally destroy this country. If and when that imbecilic move would be activates and the country would spiral totally out of control with lawlessness, it would be virtually impossible to get it back to normal.

The fools in politics that are supporting this move know exactly what the outcome would be, BUTT they are out there doing everything they can to tear the USA to the ground; hoping, in the long run they can take over.

Nice people HUH??? How can any supposed semi-intelligent human-being truly believe the country can survive without or with a highly diminished police-force?? To start with, no person in their right mind would consider becoming a cop.

What if we decided on and voted to defund all politicians for their inability to lead. That would make more sense than shit-canning the police. When the shoe is on the other foot, it will not look as appealing to the bums.

Yes, the police have high approval ratings. But Americans … › opinions › 2020/06/03 › yes-police-have-hi…

Jun 3, 2020 – Yes, the police have high approval ratings. But Americans support police reform, too. Terrence Floyd kneels at a memorial for his brother, …

A least the cops as a whole have a good approval rating. The politicians on the other hand have, maybe a 17% approval. Tell me, who should get defunded first??

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, elected officials call to defund › story › rep-ocasiocortez-elected-officials-call-to-def…

9 hours ago – You can add Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s name to the list of elected officials calling to defund the NYPD.


This nitwit and her COMRADES are the face of the future!! What future, I don’t know.

How can any mentally competent person be taken in by the con of these socio-pathic Ponzi schemers. Heaven help the USA.

Remember; PDT has a lot of hang-ups, but loves this country. ALWAYS think of the alternative.

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