The only one that will beat PDT is PDT …

John Sununu on new polls favoring Biden: Trump’s rhetoric getting him into ‘real trouble’

Does PDT really care if he gets beat in November??? One would have to wonder by the way he says and reacts to certain sensitive things.

A couple of real hang ups he has are; # 1 firing off remarks/answers before he has a chance to think them over – # 2 trying to prove he has the answers to any and all the questions people throw at him. He has to learn to admit he does not have all the answers.

His detractors know he has a short fuse and bust his balls deliberately, knowing he will respond immediately and without pondering the topic.

To add to # 1 & # 2; PDT has a propensity to over exaggerate conditions as being lot better or a lot worse than they actually are ; whichever makes him look the best, in his opinion. One can say; PDT IS HIS OWN WORST ENEMY!!

I would have assumed (I don’t know if that is a wise thing to do) he would have seen the BIGLY TREES (I had to look that one up) by now on account of the TREMENDOUS FOREST.

I know I have been more critical in my opinions of PDT recently and I think deservedly so; still all in all the, the alternative to PDT was not a good one, so we were forced to chose the best of what we had to chose from.

I still think PDT has many very good attributes, is a true patriot, but the foolish things he says and does, distracts from them.

He has had too many very choice people quit or get fired since he took office. I said; he should have installed 10 revolving doors in the Casa Bianca to accommodate all the people that have come in and gone out.

How is any successful organization viewed, by as little turn-over as possible, the quality of it’s leadership and by the people they employ.


As of May 25, 2020, there have been 415 unique names dismissed and/or resigned.

Gotta open the http to see all of the victims of the Trump administration. The list is too long to cut and paste. 415 as of 5-25-2020. WOW. Let us say 75% of them were justified (which I doubt) that still leave 107 people. WOW again.

Like I said in Mr Huxtable’s or Wineburger’s case; possibly 25% (which I doubt) were not real victims, BUTT can they all be lying!!

There has to be a legitimate reason why all of these people are getting their hats or bonnets. Not a good barometer to judge PDT by.

Still in all; when it comes to closing the curtain behind you in the voting booth; PDT is 10 times the man JJ (Jokin Joe Biden) will ever be. It is not saying much for the donkey party if JJ is the best the have.

Donny; got to tone it down some. You can still carry a BIG STICK and WALK SOFTLY. Remember; still water runs deep.

I am elated to see that the rioting has cooled off some. I hope it holds-up. I am continuing to push my solution to cop abuse; POLICE POLICING POLICE. I have not heard anything even come close to being a better solution.

We still have along hard road ahead of us if we intend to have a peaceful society. I don’t see it happening. There is always going to be that volcano waiting to explode. As long as there are people that are not willing to forgive and forget – people that are willing to make big changes and sticking to them; the fires of hatred will continue to burn.

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