Politicians; how is what you are doing for race relations been working out for you?????

I don’t know what I have to do to get my message across to the politicians and the media.

I went out, got the biggest soap-box I could find, I am standing on it, shouting at the top of my lungs my message time and time again until some of the power brokers listen.

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EXAMPLE: In the situation of George Floyd’s death by cop. If one of or all the other 3 cops were policing (keeping an eye on him) the deranged cop that killed Floyd and pulled him off of Floyd; Floyd would not have been a casualty. Agreed?? That is cop policing cop. How hard is that?? How difficult is that to implement?? It will not put an end to the rogue cops, but it will cut down on their illegal activities drastically. POLICE POLICING POLICE

People are going to argue with me that this, camaraderie (The Blue Code) between cops is an unbreakable bond and cannot be broken. I disagree.

Let us be realistic; these incidents of out of control cops are never going to stop; just like it is illogical to think that the crime rate will go to zero. That being said; we have to find a solution that works with the problem. I have the solution; POLICE POLICING POLICE.

If I witnessed a friend of mine or a proverbial brother raping a woman, relationship or not, I definitely would intervene and stop him. If I was out with that same friend of mine, and he was beating the shit out of innocent victim with a ball bat, I would definitely stop him. Poor examples you say?? Maybe, but they are examples, pointing out; that loyalty even between brothers/dear-friends/partners can only be expected to go so far. Naturally, common sense has to prevail. The severity of the actions must come into play and dictate the response.

The same conditions should/would apply to the cops. If good cops were policing the bad cops, 95% of all abuses would be eliminated. The only thing necessary to put this in place and make it LAW. The mentality of the cops would have to change. Police would have a clause in their oath that they must pledge to uphold. I find that a very small price for them to pay in order to eliminate conditions as we now are experiencing in our country.

Police Officer’s Oath

The widely used oath embraced by the International Association of Chiefs of Police reads, “On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions.

The Oath should not be just a few words spoken at a graduation ceremony, but something that is sacred and should adhered to strictly. The same goes for cops policing cops.

That is absolutely the best solution I have heard from anyone. SOOOOO; let me ask the key question. How is what you have been doing for so many years working out for you?? I definitely would use another approach,

I have done numerous posts on the subject and still have not heard from anyone. I will keep trying.


I am going to send this to every news media outlet I can get the email address on. Let me see which one of them will be smart enough to follow up on it.

On the other side of the coin and just as relative; the leaders of all communities must do their best to EDUCATE all of their kids into becoming law abiding citizens. Life should always be a two way street. What we do today, paves the way for tomorrow.

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