Granny with gusto got it together ….

103-year-old great-great-grandmother beats coronavirus, asks for a beer to celebrate

With all of the depressing/negative news going on these days; it is refreshing to see someone and something that is up-lifting.


Jennie Stejna spent two weeks isolated in her Massachusetts nursing home battling COVID-19, her granddaughter, Shelley Gunn, told CBS News. When the 103-year-old woman recovered, she asked her caretakers for one thing: A Bud Light.

Jennie is one tough lady; as we can see she comes from the old school. She is not going to lie in bed drinking cool-aide or hot tea on her 103 birthday feeling sorry for herself. She wants to celebrate in style with a Bud Light.

I think Bud Light should throw her big party for giving them a boost.

If I had to guess; I would assume Jennie is a regular consumer of this particular libation. That probably accounts for her long life.

Hopefully she lives to 110 in good health and is still knocking down the brewskies.



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