#Warren The #Pretender …..

De Blasio can no longer ‘hide behind’ his black wife, children, NYC official says

Public Advocate Jumaane Williams just made his criticism of Bill de Blasio’s handling of Big Apple protests personal — accusing the mayor of using his biracial family as a political shield.


“This is me talking, like, you can no longer hide behind your black wife and children, not anymore,” Williams said during a press conference live-streamed on Facebook Friday.

“You’re exposed now. We are at a time when we need your leadership. It is not there,” Williams said.

Way back when; #Warren Wilhelm knew there was no way in hell some #dude named Warren Wilhelm would would have a snow balls chance in hell in politics and of getting elected to the mayor of the Big Apple. So what did Warren do; he changed his name to Bill DeBlasio, hoping to attract the Italian and Hispanic vote.

Years ago I was in a union whose president’s name was Walter Albagotti. You know the rest of the story. Yes, he was a black man and all of the Italian members voted him in every-time. They voted for the name and not the man.

Using his new found name, The Pretender added another dimension to his scheming political aspirations by encouraging his son to sport and big old afro do to help attract black voters. It worked.

The man has been hiding in open site since under the disguise of a changed name and a biracial family. What does that tell us about Warren The Pretender??

I really don’t care how a person gets elected as long as they do their job properly. Warren, according to reports, much of his time served has a lot to be desired. BUTT than again; which politician doesn’t.

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