Coward thugs

It’s a point of information.

View this very graphic and brutal video and tell me what you think. A foregone conclusion!!

GW30i0i-y5uVsJSb(3).mp4 (11,068K)

I am puzzled; should we consider this racism when the blacks are beating on the whites or is it only racism when the white’s beat on the blacks?? Which; to the best of my knowledge, happens very infrequently.

I definitely will never put all the black people at the same despicable/cowardly level as these thugs. There are millions of good black people out there that are made out to be criminals all because of a few of their punk people.

Just like the very few bad-seed cops that make the rest of them look like criminals.

If you want to deal; you have to shuffle. Turn-around should be far play.

The thugs you see in this video are nothing but a bunch of cowards. 4 on 1, 5 on 1 – sucker punching an old defenseless old man – slapping a little kid around; ALL BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE. WTFITMWTT; are they savages??

What in the hell motivates any one to beating defenseless people?? Don’t blame it on the slave traders; that was 200 years ago.

Viewing these very disturbing videos and I can’t help but wonder if these cowards were ever arrested and prosecuted for the beating they gave these defenseless people.

Two cops in Buffalo pushed a guy; it looked like to me in the video the guy stumbled, fell and hit his head. The cops were fired and are going to be prosecuted. If we are going to play by the books, it has to be unanimous.

Come on folks; GMAFB. Let’s put the crying towel away if everyone is not compelled to play the same game.

I am not suggesting the cops were right; what I am suggesting, everyone has to play by the same rules. These poor unassuming white people are completely innocent victims of some black thugs that didn’t have anything netter to do that day, so they decided to beat up on the white guys.

If we are going to have outrage for blacks being beat on; we should have the same rage when whites are beat on.

I would hope by now we are all striving for a better America where ALL people are treated equally. If that is the case, we all have to start acting civilized.

By the videos I saw; all of the thugs are recognizable. They should be arrested and severely punished. I will hold my breath until that happens.

Let the good cops do their job. We should all be supporting them; not throwing bricks – bottles and fire bombs at them. If everyone wants peace, they better behave like it. ORRRRR; are there factions that thrive on rioting and destruction and don’t want peace?? I have to wonder.

CHC should get her big booty in-line. Until she and the rest of her Knob Hill comrades have to live among the common people; she should give her opinions to herself. Folks; it is all about votes.

Video submitted by Cousin Pat

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