Makes absolute sense ….

Emmanuel Acho made a video in an effort to reach out to the white people so they can better understand the black race and their emotions. Let me be frank as I always am; if all of the black community had the same approach to racial harmony and attitude as Acho does, I would be a lot more optimistic then I am now. It is really worth watching.

It has been a policy of mine to treat EVERYONE, no matter who or what they are, equally and by the way the treat me. I have found that to work very well in the PR department.

I agree in most part to everything Acho says; but I will always maintain; we can not change what happened yesterday, but we can write our own history for tomorrow. That being said; I also maintain, it has to be a two way street.

Let us do an Alice in Wonderland thing now and pretend as of tomorrow we ALL start from scratch, turning over a new leaf. There are so many different facets of the problems we are experiencing, it is going to take 20 years or longer to correct them if that is even possible. The cold hard truth is; everyone in this country has to work together, diligently toward that goal of peace.

I know it is a monumental task to ask the black community to put their feelings of their past history in the rear-view-mirror. They have to remember and admit, there were a large number of black slave owners as well as the whites. Do not forget what happened, but tuck it away for safe keeping. It is counterproductive dwelling on the unpleasant past.

There are numerous other races and nationalities that were used and abused in the past; but it was their responsibility, if they wanted to be accepted, to conform to proper way of doing things. It is not an easy task. They did it by EARNING the respect they wanted.

Still to this day, the Italian people have the stigma of being gangsters and hoodlums all because of a few bums that gave us a bad name. How did we combat those situations, by hard work – conforming to society – respecting others (you have to give respect in order to get it) and demonstrate to the naysayers we are as good as them. That is all achieved by example.

Just like with the COVID-19 epidemic; we are all in this together. It has to be a concerted effort on everyone’s part to achieve racial harmony. In the long run, 50% yes and 50% not will not cut it.

Lets face it. Our country can not survive many more of these kinds of riots. If you don’t have any regard for yourself; at least consider the future of the younger generations. We all have to work together.

I know many black people that I respect more than some white fools I know. It is called mutual respect. You RESPECT me, and I will RESPECT you. You don’t even have to like someone or what they do; RESPECTING them is good enough.

I don’t agree with everything Acho says; but I do see he is very sincere and I do RESPECT his opinions. There should be more people like Acho on both sides of the fence that take the time to reach-out to people.

To break the ice with your fellow man; although it is hard to see these days dealing with Mr Corona; SMILE AND SAY HELLO to people you come across. Hold the door open for some. Thank someone if they hold the door for you. It may get contagious and open up a lot of new relationships.

I would like commend Acho for getting the ball rolling. This is what kids need from every nationality and race; good role models.

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